What you need to know

Your benefits are effective on your date of hire. You should receive your new hire benefits enrollment email within 7-10 business days from your start date. While your benefits are effective Day 1, the enrollment process will take a few days. But rest assured, when you enroll in benefits, your coverage begins on your first day.

Our benefits cover everything from medical and prescription drugs to backup care for children and adults and stress management.

Before you enroll

When you enroll

Once you receive the email confirmation from PayPal Benefits Center notifying you that it’s time to enroll, you’ll be able to login to Your Benefits Resources and make your benefit elections.

After you enroll

You’ll receive a confirmation statement via email or mail (if no email address is on file), listing your benefit choices. Review your statement, and contact YBR as soon as possible if anything is incorrect.

Making changes

As a newly eligible employee, the benefits you elect now will remain in effect throughout the rest of the calendar year, unless you experience an IRS-defined qualified life event, which allows you to change your selections within 31 days from your life event date.

Your next opportunity to change your benefits would be during the benefits Annual Enrollment period, typically held in the fall, for a January 1 effective date. One important exception is the PayPal 401(k) Savings Plan. You can enroll in or change your 401(k) contributions at any time throughout the year.

Need care before you receive your ID cards?

New providers may request payment at the time of service. If that happens, you can submit a claim for reimbursement to your plan. Existing providers may be willing to hold off submitting your claim until your insurance is verified.

You can access your plan group and customer service numbers at Contacts. Or download your plan’s mobile app to access a virtual ID card (you may need your membership number, which customer service can provide to you once enrollment has been processed).