Get help

Know where to go if you need personalized enrollment or benefits assistance. Or visit for details on all the Intuit benefits available to you.

If you want self-directed enrollment guidance

Use the ALEX® Benefits Counselor online tool. Alex will help you compare your options and make recommendations based on your needs and preferences.

If you want a personalized benefits tour

Get answers to benefits questions, a guide through Intuit’s benefits, and recommendations for programs that fit your needs. Call Accolade at 1-888-659-8305 (8 AM–8 PM PT, Monday–Friday), or visit Accolade.

If you need help enrolling

Call Alight at 1-866-INTUBEN (1-866-468-8236), 5 AM–6 PM PT, Monday–Friday. Or log in to the Alight website to get help from a virtual assistant or connect with a live representative.

Confused? Need help?

HR Connect can direct you to resources to find answers, get help, and more. Call HR Connect at 1-800-819-1620 or use the link below to visit the website. This site is only accessible within the firewall.