Time off

Whether you’re looking to rest and recharge, need to care for a loved one, or take care of your personal health, PayPal offers generous paid and unpaid time off.


PayPal offers paid holidays each year, so you can celebrate special moments with friends and family and recharge your batteries.

Time off and leaves of absence

Taking time off — away from your job — is vital to being at your best. We support this by offering generous time off and leaves of absence for all kinds of situations.


Sabbaticals provide employees with a break from their general pace of work and time to pursue other interests, so they can focus on their personal lives and wellbeing and return to PayPal more refreshed, productive, and innovative. Eligible employees may request up to 20 consecutive business days to take a sabbatical after completing five years of eligible continuous service.


Can’t work because of an illness or injury? We have you covered. Take time off to get better or heal — and not lose your income — with PayPal’s short- and long-term disability insurance plans.

  • Short-term disability — 100% of your base salary (max of $6,500 per week) for up to six weeks. After six weeks, receive 80% of your base salary for up to six months total (inclusive of the first six weeks at 100%).
  • Long-term disability — 60% of your base salary, up to a max of $25,000 per month. You also have the option of buying 70% coverage, which would replace the company-provided 60% coverage.

Business travel insurance

Whenever you and your family travel abroad on company business, business travel insurance has you covered if something happens — at no cost to you. Business travel insurance covers the cost of medical care, lost or stolen personal items or money, and accidental death.