Your family.

Whether you’re planning a family, are a new parent, or preparing to return to work after a leave, PayPal’s benefits can support you.

Support for your family so you can keep moving forward.

Due to low usage, we are discontinuing the Cleo Parental Coaching program starting January 1, 2023. However, PayPal continues to offer the following comprehensive benefits to support you and your family. View PayPal’s family support benefits to learn more and to access services.

Milk Stork

Traveling for business and not sure how to navigate breastfeeding? Milk Stork makes it easy to manage the logistical challenges that come with breastfeeding and traveling, and it’s provided at no cost for PayPal employees.

Bright Horizons

When you need child care and your regular care option is unavailable, contact Bright Horizons backup care for the support you need. Bright Horizons offers 30 days of backup child, adult, and elder care, where you can reserve high-quality care, in-center or at-home; virtual 1:1 tutoring; even household and pet care services.

Note: Starting in 2023, copays for care will resume, along with any tax based on the value of the care.

In-home care: $6 per hour for both child and adult/elder care (4-hour minimum)

Center-based care: $15 per day for one child ($25 for two or more children)

Need to register?

Complete your care profile, including required forms, so you’re prepared to reserve care when you need it. To register, visit Bright Horizons (username: PayPal; password: backup4u) or call 877-242-2737. Then you can search for a care provider near you.

Rethink your idea of family support with Rethink Care

Rethink offers assistance with behavior intervention techniques and access to digital training, tips, articles, and exercises to help you raise more resilient children.

Beginning January 1, Rethink will become Rethink Care. In addition to all the existing services, you will have access to digital training focused on parental and family wellbeing, including sessions, exercises, and an expanded library of tips and articles to help manage modern challenges at home and at school.